Here at Hospital Pharmacy Management (HPM), we do things a little differently than most of our competitors. We bill per month, rather than per click. 

What is Per Click Billing?

Per Click billing is actually a charge for every order verified by the pharmacist. Because it’s possible for a pharmacist to verify an order multiple times during a patient’s hospital stay, this type of billing can quickly get out of control. Here’s an example. A patient is admitted as an observation patient.  As their condition evolves their status changes to in-patient. Later they change to a swing bed status, and eventually, they are discharged. A pharmacist could potentially review this patient’s medication order at each status change, up to four times in this example. And each of those reviews could be billed as a “click”.

How Our Per Month Billing Works

We identify the hospital’s average monthly order volume. From there, we calculate a monthly charge to reflect that average, which we use to create our starting point for a price quote. Once HPM and the hospital agree to a monthly charge, this amount is fixed for the first 24 months.    

Why We Do It This Way

Our philosophy is simple: We believe in budgeting!  Each of our clients gets a visible guaranteed fixed expense for 24 months. On the other side of that, HPM has a fixed income for 24 months. This strategy provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that the price for remote pharmacy order verification won’t change for two years. Per month billing ensures that there are no surprises on either side. It’s a win-win.  

Other Ways We Save You Money

Another benefit of working with Hospital Pharmacy Management is that there are no upfront charges or start-up costs for connecting to their EMR or pharmacy software platform. The expense for the connection is the responsibility of both the hospital and HPM, meaning the hospital pays for their IT and HPM does the same. 

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