About Us

HPM, an online pharmacy verification service, understands that with today’s budget and geographical locations, daily pharmacy services for some hospitals can be restricted. With computerized systems and our staff of pharmacists we can help fill the gaps.
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25+ Years of Rural Hospital Management


Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacokinetic services


Large staff of Pharmacists with diverse backgrounds


Complete management of supplemental services


Budget Friendly


24/7/365 Clinical Coverage


Requires minimal hospital resources


Monthly fee vs. Per order fee


Affordable without sacrificing patient care

What Our Customers are Saying

We pride ourselves on two things: exceptional health care and excellent customer service. Here’s what our current customers are saying.

“Hospital Pharmacy Management has been an amazing resource for our small rural hospital.  Bill and his staff are there for us 24/7 with expert advice and recommendations, all with the patient’s best interest at heart.  Our pharmacist in charge, Kevin, has also been a great asset for our facility with years of experience, he is able to give great guidance to our pharmacy staff.  Overall, just a great team to work with and gives our staff reassurance that we are providing great care for our patients.  Thank you for all that you do!”

Charli E., RN

Pharmacy Nurse, Norton County Hospital

“Approximately 4 years ago we transitioned to utilizing HPM for our pharmacy needs and are very satisfied with the decision.  Our Pharmacist-in-Charge, Melanie, is awesome and very involved with our pharmacy department.  We also benefit from the many pharmacists working at HPM, always pooling their resources to help us ensure our CAH is providing exceptional patient care.  The remote medication verification performed 24/7 has been an asset to patient safety.  We would highly recommend HPM for your pharmacy services.”

Laura C., RN

Pharmacy Nurse, Gove County Medical Center

“Deciding to partner with HPM has been one of the best decisions we have made. Often when you decide to contract with a vendor, you wonder if you made the right decision. But I know we made the right decision.”


CEO, Salina Surgical Hospital