10 Unique Ways to Utilize Telepharmacy Services

With new industries, there are always benefits provided that aren’t obvious from the start. Such is the case with telepharmacy. While being more accessible and reliable are just a couple of primary benefits, there is more to gain from telepharmacy services. The following is a list of 10 ways to utilize telepharmacy services. 

1) Full time, Year Round Staff Availability
2) Professional Development & Training Opportunities
3) Seasonal Coverage
4) 24/7 Review
5) Job Opportunities
6) Vacation Coverage
7) Extended Leave Coverage
8) Increased Patient Care
9) Emergency Department Orders
10) Specialists on-demand

1. Full time, Year Round Staff Availability
One of the biggest focuses of telepharmacy is to provide better care to more people. HPM helps fight the challenges rural communities face with paying multiple people to be on pharmacy staff in the hospital. By employing telepharmacy to fill in the gaps when there isn’t a budget or a candidate to bring someone on for a full-time position, it quickly and effectively eliminates the issue. 

2. Professional Development & Training Opportunities

Smaller hospitals often struggle to pay for training sessions to ensure the whole staff receives the training without overworking everyone. Using telepharmacy can avoid this. Sending your selected in-house staff out for a day or two to expand their professional knowledge isn’t detrimental to the community because the other people within the hospital will still have access to a pharmacist through our services.

3. Seasonal Coverage

Tourism towns can benefit massively from telepharmacy. Many seemingly understaffed hospitals are in a location that sees large fluctuations in the population depending on the season. The inherent stress created from these fluctuations can lead to staff burnout and simple mistakes. Staffing may not be an issue year-round for the fortunate people living in such beautiful places, but telepharmacy would be there to fill in any gaps when the busy season hits. 

4. 24/7 Review
We simply can’t expect small, rural hospitals to have 24/7 staffing for every possible situation they may face. Employing telepharmacy services guarantees that someone is always available to review orders. Whether it is your pharmacist in charge, or someone else within our vast network, HPM ensures that your hospital has the resources necessary for top-notch care. 

5. Job Opportunities

While it might seem like the goal of telepharmacy is to take over specific jobs, it is the opposite. Allowing a hospital to operate without requiring a certified pharmacist on site means more opportunities for health care professionals to work in a location they choose. Telepharmacy aims to create more jobs in the medical field and expand coverage globally so that anyone can have access to the service they need. 

6. Vacation Coverage

Staffing at many small hospitals is often a struggle. Employing enough people to get the job done well can be difficult to overcome due to the fundamental lack of people available. The minute someone uses their vacation time, as they should, it puts a strain on the other employees to fill those duties. By having telepharmacy services, this issue is thoroughly dealt with and leads to an overall increase in morale and productivity. 

7. Extended Leave Coverage
Again, staffing a small hospital isn’t an easy task, especially in rural areas. Employing telepharmacy staff can lend a much-needed hand when one of the on-site members needs to take an extended leave of absence. Life happens, and ensuring that everyone’s needs are met during those times is a key benefit of our services. 

8. Increased Patient Care
Building on the idea that you have access to more staff means you can also handle a larger volume of people’s needs more effectively. Whether this means more time spent in hospitals giving direct care or more days with longer hours at the actual pharmacy, our remote services come in and fill the gaps as needed so that everyone is receiving top-notch care. 

9. Emergency Department Order

Telepharmacy services can offer someone who is certified to fulfill Emergency Department orders. This means that your emergency response team can be focused entirely on the emergency and trust that the prescription order will be correct. This level of specialty care further improves quality and decreases the strain on the local staff. 

10. Specialists on-demand

Again another limitation of many small hospitals is their access to specialists. While all the employees on-site have the necessary knowledge to provide excellent care, there are instances when an expert is needed. Telepharmacy provides on-demand low-cost to the hospital to meet the patients’ needs better and faster. 

HPM is here to help your hospital provide better care. Being experts in our field allows your staff to focus on their patients and not worry about the pharmacy. Using intelligent software and streamlined systems, your team and ours work together to give people the care they deserve. If you are ready to provide better patient care, contact us today!

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